What we do

We Help Small and Mid Size Business Sales Organizations

Our FOCUS  -a different approach to a common problem 

The #1 need of mid-size and small businesses (SMB) is increasing sales. These SMBs have tried sales training and the other available tools, but they are still stuck.  What they really need is a proven and repeatable sales process and professional sales management, but they can’t afford a true sales pro and do not know how to create a sales process.  Focus6 is able to provide superstar sales management talent at a price small business can afford.

By using the salesQB model as a foundation, Focus6 brings a robust set of tools and talent to the SMB to fix their legacy sales issues, unlike sales training and recruiting solutions.  This approach focuses on keeping their existing sales team and fixing the process. 

We simply focus on creating long term value by creating a repeatable and manageable sales process first, then we provide the necessary coaching to the sales team to maximize effectiveness.





Using a proven Path to Guaranteed Growth Map we Focus on 6 key areas to growth This six-step process includes:

  • Step 1: Auditing your sales best practice™
  • Step 2: Increasing lead generation quality and efficiency
  • Step 3: Creating a proven &  repeatable sales process for the company
  • Step 4: Leveraging technology to reduce sales costs and effectiveness
  • Step 5:Improving sales management by installing models, systems and management
  • Step 6: Improving individual salesperson performance through coaching, mentoring, and training


Important First Steps

Our Fractional Sales Management program is initiated with a  Sales Best Practices Audit to understand, analyze and diagnose the state of your sales organization.

After reviewing the results with you, we can provide fundamental processes to ensure that your sales organization will improve and grow.

We accomplish this by implementing our salesQB six-step “The Pathway to Sales Growth”, which guides the tailoring of processes and practices for your sales organization.

Here Is What We Do:

  • We guide your marketing and sales teams to increase lead generation and pipeline management
  • We create a proven and repeatable sales process
  • We leverage current technologies to sustain and support these efforts
  • We establish the appropriate standards for sales management
  • We guide and mentor your sales people

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