Our Services


Sales Best Practice Audit 


The Sales Best Practice Audit looks at the Company’s sales people and processes which are analyzed based on our Sales Map. The client receives a custom benchmarking report comparing 31+ best practices to their sales people, processes and systems vs. top-performing companies. 


Sales Process Design


One key benefit for most companies is having our skilled sales management professional redesign the sales process, creating a pipeline model, and crafting an ongoing management system. This product is designed to create a proven and repeatable sales process (PRSP) as well as an ongoing sales management model.


Outsourced Sales Manager


The bulk of the value creation in sales management comes from superior skills, not simply putting in time.  The outsourced fractional sales manager, working the salesQB program, devotes time each week to the client, focusing on the highest impact activities.

Early in the engagement, these activities focus on creating a PRSP and technology improvements. Later in the engagement, the focus of the work shifts to coaching sales staffers, accountability, and pipeline management.


Salesforce Assessment


Using our assessment toolbox, the salesQB can provide the business owner with an assessment of each salesperson/ candidate. Using these tools we can assist in the coaching and development needs of the current salesforce or aid in the qualification of potential sales candidates.