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Process first, People second – 6 Steps to Guaranteed Growth


The #1 need of mid-size and small businesses (SMB) is increasing sales.  These SMBs have tried sales training and the other available tools, but they are still stuck.  What they really need is a proven and repeatable sales process and professional sales management, but they can’t afford a true sales pro and don’t know how to create a sales process.  An average sales manager will cost an SMB $182,408 per year an a superstar will cost over $250,000.

Focus6 Sales Management Solutions (Focus6), a division of Brumlow and Associates, Inc., uses a proven system to provide superstar sales management talent at a price small business can afford.   Using the salesQB model Focus6 brings a robust set of tools and talent to the SMB to fix their legacy sales issues.   Unlike sales training and recruiting solutions, salesQB focuses on keeping their existing sales team and fixing the process first.  We do this because most SMBs are not willing to  pay recruiters or  invest in sales training, and do not want to fire their sometimes mediocre salespeople due to the potential impacts to the business. We simply focus on creating long term value by fixing the process first.

Focus6  specializes on  small businesses with fewer than 11 sales people to deliver more effective and efficient sales results through the use of Part-Time or Fractional Sales Management. This is implemented uniquely for each organization using the the proven salesQB system and other programs for Major Account Sales, Executive Communications, Business Rhythms, Strategic Planning,  Network Marketing and other specific needs.   

Much like other Fractional Services such as an outsourced CFO or HR, this approach can provide a more cost effective way for this type of business to access experienced Sales Management talent that it would not otherwise be able to afford.  

Often with the Mid Sized and Small Business, there is a Sales Management Gap that is frequently experienced by business owners & Presidents of primarily B2B companies that have eleven or fewer sales people.   

This type of company finds themselves in the no mans land of supervising a sales team that is too big to be managed by the business owner or President, yet too small to hire a competent, experienced sales manager who can focus on Sales Management and not manage a territory as well.  

This creates the opportunity to provide value by closing “The Sales Management Gap” through Fractional Sales Management.


For small business, time is the most precious asset. While most small business leaders have a passion to build their companies, often they are frustrated with the amount of time and effort they have to invest in order to  improve the performance of their sales teams.  This is compounded with the financial risk of hiring (or retaining) traditional sales management.

Focus6  is well equipped to meet the needs of companies in this situation.  Sales Management is both an art and a science.  We provide experienced, competent sales management at a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional sales manager, by using an innovative Non-Traditional Sales Management model. This is designed to reduce your costs, mitigate your risk and recover your lost time.  This solution focuses on the process oriented aspects of the sales continuum,  designed to create long term value for the client. 

At the core of our solution we employ the salesQB process, the foundation is a 6 Step Road Map to Growth. The objective of the process is a pathway to creating a proven and repeatable sales process focusing on the foundations of :

(1) Sales Best Practice Assessment and Benchmarking
(2) Lead Generation Efficiency
(3) Design a Proven and Repeatable Sales Process
(4) Leverage Technology
(5) Improve Sales Management
(6) Improving Salesperson Performance.

From this foundation we are able to design and implement effective solutions tailored specifically to each unique set of client requirements.