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Chris Brumlow, MBA

Sales and Marketing Leadership Professional.

Fractional Sales Manager


Chris is a fantastic leader and a strong sales Manager. Chris grew business through relationships he supervised over & his team consistently exceeded expectations. I would recommend Chris strongly.    Jeff Brewer Vice President of US Sales at Dana Innovations

Chris is an outstanding manager who understands the Business to Business sales process and the varying purchasing cycle from customer to customer. In addition, Chris learns about the people who report to him, discovering their strengths and how best to assist them in performing at a consistently high level. I had the pleasure of reporting to Chris directly for almost four years and count him as one of the best managers I have had in 23+ years of B2B sales and marketing. I highly recommend Chris; he will be an asset for any organization.  Geoff Gibbs – Regional Sales Manager Mid-Atlantic with Da-lite

I had the privilege of working with Chris for the 4 years. Chris is a truly inspirational leader with the ability to create long term strategies that consistently produce growth and innovation. Chris is an excellent strategist and is a master in sales strategy. I can honestly say that I have become a better leader from working with him.   David Hines Business Manager Apple Inc.

I had the privilege of working directly for Chris for three years & have been able to see firsthand what a true leader he is. Chris has the rare combination of setting strategic direction as well as insuring the implementation takes place. Excellent organizational development skills including, developing top notch teams, setting strategy as well as driving results. A true rare combination not seen in many.  Gary Nickol Director of Sales and Marketing at Presentation Systems South, Inc.

Chris’s knowledge of the B2B Customer is second to none, he has grown his responsible market share by developing a great team of Account Managers for which Chris consistently challenges and shares his knowledge of the business with. He is a great partner in growing all aspects of the business as well as creating lasting relationships throughout the community. I would strongly recommend Chris to any company looking to strengthen it’s leadership team.  Robert Chris Sanders District Manager Harbor Freight Tools

Chris is a caring and compassionate leader that is performance driven. His focus on the customer and employee experience drives his business results. Chris is a fantastic strategic planner and is a leader within his peer group. I have enjoy working with Chris as he continues to challenge the team to move forward and his ability to using his influence within the organization to drive change.   Ryan Seymour General Manager Best Buy

Chris has a unique gift for vision, strategy, and the development of business ideas.  David Sitton Owner, CLN Cargo Logistics Network

Chris worked for me at Eastman Kodak for several years in various sales positions. Throughout those roles Chris proved himself to be a very strong sales professional; driven to be successful, team oriented, tireless, and exceptionally creative.  Rich Buchanan Director BPO Services Imaging Solutions & Services

In addition to having Chris as an EMBA student, we were business partners together for two (2) years. Chris is one of the most creative, strategic, and conceptual thinkers I know. He is driven and ambitious, and is hard-working and very loyal. Chris will be a tremendous asset to any company he works with, and I give him my very highest unqualified recommendation. William Sparks, PhD,  Dennis Thompson Chair & Professor of Leadership at McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte

I have known Chris for twenty years. He was a top producer on my sales team at Kodak; we worked together at Information Architects; and we formulated a strategic alliance after launching our own firms. Chris is an extremely talented, loyal, highly ethical, business executive with a track record of delivering results. He understands strategic planning, the importance of vision, innovation, and goals and effectively communicates these throughout an organization. I highly recommend Chris for effectively driving business, alliances, and/or sales and marketing.  Roger Blackstock Vistage Group Chairman

Chris and I were Business Development counterparts. Chris is creative in identifying what can create value for both partners, and open to trying different routes to finding “the deal”. A tough negotiator, both externally to me, and internally to get what my company needed. Boundless energy. He did a good job of “hurding the cats” on his team. I soundly recommend him.     Louise Wasilewski CEO at Acivilate